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Fire Crackers 5ct Fire Disc

Fire Crackers 5ct Fire Disc

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Fire Cracker's aka Fire Discs - All Weather Emergency Fire Starter 

Waterproof fire starters! For Camping, Bushcraft, Survival, EDC, and your Bug-Out Bag.


OWTF Fire Cracker's are ultimate all-weather fire-starting disc. 

Each Disc burns 7-12 minutes! Just tear disc to expose the micro-fibers and bend to create tee-pee effect. Just ignite with a spark or lighter, it's that simple!

Fire Cracker's are a must have for your survival pack. Fire Crackers are completely waterproof and will ignite in most weather conditions, even after being submerged in water, giving you the ability to start a fire in the harshest condition.


Includes 5 Fire Crackers Discs per can. Also available in 20 pack pouches!




Aka: FireDisc, Firedisk, Fire Disc, Fire Disk

 *Beyond Nutra is a preferred selling partner of OutdoorsWithTheFraziers: As seen on YouTube.

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