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Fire Starter Waxed Cedar Chips Summer Camping Special 3-Pak

Fire Starter Waxed Cedar Chips Summer Camping Special 3-Pak

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3-Pack Special Offer!!!

Natural Safe Firestarter

Made with All-Natural soy wax, Kiln Dried Cedar wood chips

OWTF Fire starter. Made Proudly by the Frazier's!


Just place a handful of chips in the middle of your stacked wood and light! No fuss, just enjoy.



Experience the convenience and reliability of our exceptional fire starter – your perfect companion for outdoor adventures and emergency preparedness. With our fire starter, igniting a fire becomes effortless and efficient. Whether you're camping, hiking, or enjoying a cozy evening by the fireplace, our fire starter provides a consistent and powerful flame that quickly and easily ignites your fire. It's convenient and makes it easy to light your firepit, BBQ, or Woodstove. Don't be let down by non-effective starters – trust OWTF fire starter to ignite your fire in any situation. Try our Firestarter and get ready to spark unforgettable moments. Shop now! 

OutdoorsWithTheFraziers: As seen on YouTube.

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